The use of neon lights for business marketing has become increasingly popular in the Gold Coast area. Unlike the early forms of neon lighting, which are limited to red, modern signs are available in over 150 colors. They attract a lot of attention for business marketing in the Gold Coast area and give businesses all-night exposure. Whether you need a sign to draw customers in, inform them about new products or promote a special promotion, a good-looking sign is essential.

Gold Coast was a top holiday destination, and the Glitter Strip was home to some of the state’s most famous neon signs. The entire stretch of the Goldcoast Highway glittered with neon, and it was known as the Glitter Strip. With neon signs, this place became an instant tourist attraction. Today, the dazzling and colorful city is a must-visit for tourists.

A neon sign is an excellent choice for an evening out. Adding a neon sign to your wedding reception or engagement party can turn it into a magical occasion. These signs can be programmed to display the colour of your choice or show a light chase. It will add excitement to any celebration and get the party started! You won’t regret it! In addition to being a great addition to your nightlife, neon signs can be a great way to make any event more exciting and memorable.

Custom Neon specialists like Neon Party have all the required licenses to safely install neon signs in your home or business. He has his Blue Card, Unlimited Cherry Picker Height and Working at Heights. You can be sure that the installation will be done professionally and safely. If you’d like to enjoy the glow and color of neon, you can contact Neon Party or any other specialist on the Gold Coast. It will be a memorable event for your family.

When you visit the Gold Coast, you’ll be amazed at the sheer beauty of the city’s neon signs. Located at the Paradise Centre in Surfers Paradise, Neon Lights Gold Coast are a great way to enhance your space and bring the area to life. In addition to seeing neon lights in the sky, you can also visit the wall of glowing, vibrant characters at the famous ‘Glitter Strip’.

They had a glamorous atmosphere. The streets of Surfers Paradise were adorned with the most beautiful neon signs in the state. The famous “Glitter Strip” spanned the entire coastline and was a hotspot for holidaymakers. The vibrant neon lights of the city still make an impression today. The glow of these signs are an ideal way to increase the value of your property.